SCP-087-B-1 is the most common entity that manifests throughout the game. It appears as a black humanoid figure wearing a white mask with a smile and two circular black eyes.

Throughout the game it will manifest in a variety of ways, as listed below.

  • SCP-087-B-1 will manifest at either a corner of a turn or semi-halfway into a hallway for a split second before disappearing. This is typically the first creature the player will encounter during their descent.
  • When the player is roughly halfway down a hallway, the hall with become darker and the player will light a match to see what is in front of them. When lit, the match will reveal SCP-087-B-1 walking towards the player. Alternatively, SCP-087-B-1 may approach the player from behind under the same conditions, forcing the player to keep moving forward. In this case, there will be a brick wall in the way, which will move as SCP-087-B-1 nears it, allowing the player to keep moving and elude it.
  • When the player begins to go down a new hallway, the hallway will become completely dark for a moment. The hallway will become brighter and SCP-087-B-1 can be seen in the distance, looking at the player while standing at the end of the hallway. The darkness will then "flicker" a few times. During this, SCP-087-B-1 while get closer and closer to the player until it is standing right in front of them. This is theorized to be based off of SCP-173.

Physical contact with SCP-087-B-1 will result in an instantaneous death. The player must keep their distance from it in order to stay alive.