SCP-087-B-2 appears as a black humanoid figure with large red spots across its body and solid white eyes. also by some fans called "SCP-087-2"

It will appear a few times throughout the game, as listed below.

  • Before the 40th floor, SCP-087-B-2 will manifest in the corner of the big room while shouting at the player not to look at it. The player must keep direct eye contact with it otherwise it'll quickly move towards the player and kill them. This is speculated to be based on SCP-173.
  • In the window hallway SCP-087-B-2 will spawn behind the window if the player looks in the window, though it cannot harm the player.
  • After approximately 20 floors, should the player encounter the fork path and walk directly up to the pit, SCP-087-B-2 will appear behind the player and walk towards them.

This entity will also kill the player instantaneously upon physical contact.

Red thing

SCP-087-B-2 in a corner.